Orangeries are architectural gems that combine the timeless allure of traditional craftsmanship with the functionality demanded by modern living. Originating in the Renaissance era, these structures were initially designed to house exotic plants and fruits in colder climates, eventually evolving into versatile spaces that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. These spaces offer a harmonious balance between the solidity of a traditional extension and the airy charm of a conservatory. Orangeries have the remarkable ability to adapt to various uses – from providing a sunlit retreat for relaxation and entertainment to serving as an extension of living areas or even functioning as exquisite dining spaces.

A Conservatory That Feels Like An Extension

A LivinRoom Orangery works with our ever-popular Classic Roof system but goes a step further by including an internal framing system that is plastered – resulting in the creation of a perimeter ceiling that adds an all-important homely touch to the room in which it has been situated.

Surprisingly Affordable

Once installed, the LivinRoom Orangery system gives the impression of a flat roof that is crowned by a lantern roof. It can be fitted in different sizes, ranging from 300mm to 1200mm, which means your choices won’t be limited when you choose this carefully-engineered system. In terms of cost, the LivinRoom is a surprisingly affordable way to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory or extension. Find out more by contacting our team at Enviroglaze, we are happy to answer your questions and provide a guideline quote for your project.